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Can Hong Kong become Asia's creative world city?


Campaign Asia, July 2024


An op piece in which I discuss the challenges of Hong Kong's creative industry, including losing its international status and the need for a more diverse workforce.


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TMS Creativity_AK_1_edited.jpg

The state of Hong Kong creativity


The Marketing Society Event, June 2024


An event that aimed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current state of creativity within Hong Kong's marketing industry. Actionable strategies to reignite Hong Kong's presence on the global marketing stage were explored.


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WARC image_Andreas Krasser.001.jpeg

How ad agencies can bridge the gap between CMOs and the board


WARC, January 2024

An op piece on how ad agencies can play a crucial role in helping marketers communicate the value of marketing to CEOs and the board.


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PechaKucha_TMS_Andreas Krasser.001.jpeg

PechaKucha: confessions of an agency CEO


The Marketing Society Changemakers Conference HK, November 2023

A short yet intense talk that provides a candid look behind the curtains of what it means to lead an agency - with its failures, lessons learned, and failures again.


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Andreas Krasser_confessions.jpg

Agency CEO confessions: reflections on four years in the role


Campaign Asia, August 2023

A candid view on what keeps me up at night four years into the role, navigating uncertainty, and the lessons on leadership that you won't find on my LinkedIn feed.


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DDB-Group-Hong-Kong-feature-HEROv2 copy.jpg

Andreas Krasser on DDB HK’s focus amidst turbulence


Adobo Magazine, July 2023

An interview looking back on the shifts that DDB Group HK— along with the Hong Kong advertising industry as a whole — has had to face.


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BODW Panel: consumer experience & brand innovation


BODW/ViuTVsix, December 2022

A panel discussion with Ross Lovegrove, Chul Bae Lee, and Tina Chao on the intersection of innovation and brand marketing


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APAC Effie_Andreas Krasser copy.jpg

Inside the judge's room


Effie Awards APAC, December 2022

A video series (in collaboration with Effie Worldwide) where APAC Effie judges provide an inside perspective on what it was like judging the awards in 2022.


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Meet the CEOs: DDB Group HK's Andreas Krasser


Marketing Interactive, August 2022

A special feature on my journey into advertising, what and who influenced me, my hopes for the industry, as well as some advice for those new to it.


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5 reasons why working in advertising still kicks ass


The Drum, June 2022

Despite what many disgruntled nay-sayers might claim, working in advertising is still one of the most exciting career paths one can choose. This is a thought piece on my 5 reasons why I think this is the case.


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Marketing Works.jpeg

Five ways marketers and agencies can work better together


Campaign Asia, December 2021

A roundtable discussion with five other industry leaders and Campaign Asia’s MD, Atifa Silk on how to strengthen collaboration and partnership between marketers and agencies.


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LBB image.jpg

Bossing it: prioritising the important over the urgent with Andreas Krasser


Little Black Book, May 2021

An interview about my leadership journey - from leading through a period of national unrest and a global pandemic, to what I still have to figure out.

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Lions Live 2021 copy.jpg

Showcasing success: tips and tricks on writing killer cases 


LIONS Live, March 2021

Telling the story of your campaign is a core skill for strategists. In this video, two other award-wining strategists and I share some of our secrets. 

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Unfair advantage cover.jpg

Our last unfair advantage over machines: four creativity tips from my 6-year-old


Adobo Magazine, February 2021

In the spirit of Picasso’s quote that every child is an artist and the problem being to remain one once we grow up, I have asked my daughter for some creativity tips for myself as well as our industry at large.

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Andreas Krasser's strategy diet

Andreas Krasser's strategy diet


Contagious, November 2020

In this interview with Contagious, I discuss my media and research habits that help me when tackling strategic challenges. My methods, among others, include acquiring 'random knowledge', sitting at McDonald's, and having face to face conversations.

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Andreas Krasser_Contagious Bootcamp

Mission Impossible? What agency heads want from planners

Contagious APAC Bootcamp, September 2020

This presentation gives a perspective on agency leaders’ expectations for strategists and what role they can play for the agency's growth agenda.

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Kulture_Andreas Krasser

How do storytellers drag a brand to 2020?

K11 Kulture Webinar Series, September 2020

A fireside chat about how brands can cut through the clutter and appeal to the right audiences.

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Andreas Krasser_Campaign Asia

Getting punched in the face: 8 lessons from a rough year

Campaign Asia-Pacific, July 2020

An article outlining the tough yet very valuable lessons I learned during my first year as agency CEO.

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New reality_Andreas Krasser_Google.jpg

Embracing a new reality

Think with Google, June 2020

A short commentary on how our agency has adapted to new ways of working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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My 10 best pieces of career advice for young agency folk


Campaign Asia-Pacific, January 2020

This article summarises ten career lessons I've picked up over the years. I'm not sure they will work for everyone but they come from an honest place.

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Analog digital strategy.png

Analog strategy for digital marketing

IMMAP Digicon 2019, October 2019

This presentation provides an overall framework and various thinking tools for how to best integrate age-old strategy basics with the creation of (digital) tactics.

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The value of strategy in Asia – you can’t put a price on it. Or can you?'s Future of Strategy 2019 Report, August 2019

A commentary on selling the value of strategy in Asia, which appears in WARC’s ‘Future of Strategy 2019 report.

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Weave_Influencer Marketing_Andreas Krass

Influencer marketing: shortcut to fame or failure?


Weave 360 Conference, August 2019

This talk aims at showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of influencer marketing, finally providing a set of tangible recommendations for businesses to apply to their marketing strategies.

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2_Jury Group Pic.JPG

Same same, but different: DDB Group Hong Kong's Andreas Krasser's APAC Effie judging diary


Campaignbrief Asia, March 2019

This blog entry for Campaignbrief Asia describes my experience as a 2019 APAC Effie Awards judge. 

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Q&A: Andreas Krasser


Branding in Asia, October 2018

A video interview with Branding in Asia, where I chat about my career, trends in Hong Kong that I like and dislike, and the changing role of strategy in the industry.

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Four tips to save the strategist-creative relationship


Adobo Magazine, September 2018

In order to understand the status of the strategist-creative relationship in Asia, I conducted a survey with 103 creatives and strategists. This revealed a few insights, which I have packaged up in four tips to salvage the crucial relationship between strategists and creatives. 

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Teaser 1.jpeg

Strategists & creatives: a therapy session


Busan ADSTARS, August 2018

This presentation first takes a look at the current "relationship status" of planners and creatives in Asia and then offers useful tips for how to "save their relationship".

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branding interview.jpg

Q&A: Andreas Krasser


Branding in Asia, June 2018

An interview with Branding in Asia, where I reflect on my multi-cultural background and how it impacts my creative philosophy + other topics on my career and work.

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APAC Effie judging diary: "Ok, just one beer!"


Campaignbrief Asia, March 2018

This blog entry for Campaignbrief Asia describes my experience as a 2018 APAC Effie Awards judge. Read my insights about what worked with judges and what didn't.

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StraTools: easy-to-digest and simple-to-apply strategy & planning tools, February 2018

My job often requires me to facilitate strategic and creative thinking among larger groups, for which I have used and created multiple tools over the years. 

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DigiCon_Andreas Krasser_edited.jpg

Perfect is the enemy of good


2017 DigiCon DX/LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, October 2017

This presentation talks about DDB Group Hong Kong’s own little start-up venture, and how it helped the agency to embrace imperfection as a means for innovation. Further, it outlines certain methodologies aimed at loosening the reins, ultimately helping companies to escape the inhibiting traps of perfectionism.

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WARC - Future of Strategy Report.png

Three skills to look for when hiring a planner's Future of Strategy Report, July 2017

A commentary on what skills to look for when hiring a planner, which also appears in WARC’s ‘Future of Strategy’ report, based on a global survey of senior agency planners. The report covers the current state of the strategic discipline, future opportunities and challenges, and guidance on building the planning team of the future.

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You must unlearn what you have learned


Advertising Week Asia, June 2017

This talk highlights the old habits our agency had to let go of when launching our own startup. It also provides practical tips and frameworks for both agencies and corporations that are looking to foster a culture of innovation from the inside out.

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2_Crafted by my heart_Surge_shoulder.jpg

The startup that designs jewellery with the help of your heartbeat


Tech in Asia, February 2017

An interview I gave to Tech in Asia, talking about Crafted By My Heart, our agency's very own jewellery startup, and what it took to get it off the ground. 

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Agency innovation: you must unlearn what you have learned


Campaign Asia, January 2017

In October of 2016, our agency launched Crafted By My Heart, an iOS app that allows people to create customised jewelry based on their heartbeat. Here's three things our agency had to un-learn in the process. 

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Image by Headway

Three things I want to see at this year's Warc Prize for Asian Strategy


The WARC Blog, June 2016

I have closely followed the Warc Asian Strategy Prize over the last few years, and I have to say, the entries just seem to be getting stronger and stronger. While based on this trend, we should be expecting the best year so far, I still have three specific criteria in mind that'll separate the good from the great.

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Stock Market Graph

How brands like Netflix and Spotify use data visualisation for social campaigns


ClickZ, June 2016

Data does not always have to be a confusing chunk of numbers. Here’s how brands use data visualization and data-informed product design to bring out data’s creative side.

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Big Mac Shop.jpg

Product innovation is the new marketing


Marketing Magazine, April 2016

While we often hear the word innovation, even when we don’t necessarily experience innovation, there are a few uplifting examples out there of brands putting their money where their mouths are. Here is my own personal top five of work showing us that product innovation can be the new marketing.

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Effie judging.JPG

2016 APAC Effie Awards judging


Campaignbrief Asia, February 2016

This blog entry for Campaign Brief Asia describes my experience as a 2016 APAC Effie Awards jury member. Organised by the Confederation of Asian Advertising Agency Associations (CAAAA) and Tenasia Group, the Asia Pacific Effie Awards honours the region's most outstanding marketing communication works that have proven results in meeting strategic objectives.

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Startup Team

What can digital marketers learn from start-ups?


ClickZ, February 2016

Start-up ventures embrace uncertainty and put the customer first – two skills that digital marketers would do well to mirror.

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Ad Watch


Marketing Magazine, December 2015

My 'Hot' and 'Not' picks for Marketing Magazine's Ad Watch column.

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6 steps to building a long-term digital strategy to support business goals


ClickZ, December 2015

In spite of the ever-changing nature of the digital world, every organization needs a sustainable strategy that supports business goals. Here's how to effectively implement one.

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Social network concept

Using social listening for integrated insights


ClickZ, September 2015

In spite of the ever-changing nature of the digital world, every organization needs a sustainable strategy that supports business goals. Here's how to effectively implement one.

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Business Handshake

Marketing & innovation: made for each other


ClickZ, August 2015

It should be a no-brainer. Marketing and innovation were made for each other. So why is it that in Asia these two disciplines seemingly just can’t hit it off? Here are two recommendations for how to bury the hatchet once and for all.

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Business Meeting

Making the business case for digital marketing in Asia


ClickZ, May 2015

Investment and confidence in digital within the Asia Pacific region is on the rise. Yet marketers find it difficult to actually make a business case for it. This article gives three simple tips for convincing Asia’s C-suites of digital’s true value.

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Brain Bites 3.png

Four lessons for going viral in Hong Kong 


Brain Bites, April 2015

This white paper looks at what goes viral in Hong Kong. Based on an analysis of four viral cases from 2014, we provide tips to marketers for creating their next piece of online content.

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Image by Akson

Connecting with Hong Kong's youth: 3 key strategies 


ClickZ, March 2015

Millennials, Generation Y, the Post-Generation: a look at how marketers can most effectively reach Hong Kong's digital natives.

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Brain Bites 2.png

A marketer's guide to Hong Kong's Rubberband generation 


Brain Bites, November 2014

This white paper aims at getting a deeper understanding of what makes Hong Kong youth tick. Based on two consecutive waves of qualitative and quantitative research, we provide implications for how marketers best can connect with young Hong Kongers.

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Brain Bites 1.png

A job profile for the post-digital planner 


Brain Bites, July 2014

In this white paper, I explore the role of planning in today’s ever-changing world of advertising & marketing. First, I define a job profile for the post-digital planner on the basis of 3 core duties. Then, I discuss two campaign cases that explain how post-digital planning added value to the creative process.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

What makes us care?


International Social Science Review, 2011

In 2011, I co-authored a study on ethical consumerism. Surveys of consumers in Austria and South Korea were conducted to determine the influence of cultural differences in the motivations for practicing ethical consumerism. 

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